Aikido, the Japanese martial art, can be translated literally as “The way of harmonizing energies”. And leadership is nothing other than the art of harmonizing energies to successfully lead toward a common goal. The Aikido Management® method, created by Eric Hubler in 2005, is taught in practical workshops that are accessible to all and adapted to the audience, and aims to teach participants the “4Es” of excellence (4 pillars of leadership):

Equilibrium, Empathy, Efficiency and Ethics.

As an illustrative example, you will usefully take inspiration from Aikido to learn how to transform a conflictual or adversarial situation into an opportunity for yourself and for your team; how to carry out positive negotiations, even if they are strategic or reputed to be difficult; or how to finally harness the essentials to become more productive while being more balanced. These principles, inspired by Oriental wisdom, are often remarkably effective over time!

The workshops are usually carried out wearing kimonos on tatamis (none of the traditional tables set up in a “U” at an Aikido Management® session!), this really lets you change your “skin” and context. This situational exercise, which may come as a surprise, actually frees up energies and transforms everyone into players in the training. In that it has real educational virtues in terms of learning, experimenting and cohesion. The aim is to get beyond your preconceptions and accept to get involved more deeply than when just sitting at a table.

Notre « dojo » situé à Strasbourg au cœur de l’Europe, le Château de l’Ile (5*)

Aikido Management® training sessions are personalized to your specific objectives and will give you a fresh way of looking at the way you manage your company, your department, your project or your team, how you communicate, organize, negotiate, and manage your customers / suppliers, etc. You will notably understand why the best way of reasserting oneself in any of these situations is to do it in a… balanced and harmonious way! We will work on this together.

These workshops are also an exceptional opportunity to strengthen team cohesion*, to get to know each other differently, to discuss subjects of concern such as the best practices cheerfully (always!) and in an environment conducive to working on oneself, having an open mind and openness to others. In a word, in the “spirit of the permanent apprentice”! * Whether from Management Committees, Executive Committees, members of a given department, a management team, sales team…

Thousands of participants in the Aikido Management® program have defined it as the best training session they have ever participated in!


The martial arts are a true school of life that jointly develop the individual’s different dimensions: physiological, mental, emotional, relational and spiritual.

From a behavioral point of view, they reinforce such skills as:

  • Focus and self-control;
  • Concentration;
  • Synchronization;
  • Spirit of foresight, vigilance;
  • Aptitude for effort, surpassing oneself and resilience;
  • Constant adaptation to change, flexibility, fluidity;
  • A good sense of timing and distance.

These are all essential qualities in everyday professional life at all levels of the organization, which is why they are stimulated in situ during Aikido Management® workshops.

The participants are prepared to take up challenges and to rise above the situation whenever they need to; they have more confidence, assertiveness and influence, they learn to decide and act fairly, and to increase their performance levels while constantly managing their overall balance.

Eric Hubler also has a privileged partnership with the I-Negotiate company in the United Kingdom, headed by Philip Blanc, with whom he co-authored the book “The Equilibrist”, a best-seller translated into several languages.

“The Equilibrist” is also the name of the leadership and negotiation training program that they co-host in French or in English in a 2.5 or 3.5-day residential format.

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This Management through Balance program, based on Aikido philosophy, exceeded my expectations for myself and achieved the objective of strengthening ties within our team. I feel that what everyone was able to learn for themselves will be a step forward toward a stronger, more outward-looking team.
Florence PeronnauVice-President, Corporate Real Estate - SANOFI Group
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