channelling the power of martial arts to improve Balance, Leadership and Team Cohesion

As its name indicates, Aikido Management® draws upon the principles of the Japanese martial art aikido, a word which translates as “the Way of harmonising energies”. This martial art, imbued with oriental wisdom, represents a natural path to leadership, harmonising individual and collective energy and directing it towards the achievement of a shared goal.

Created in 2003 by Éric Hubler, a conference speaker specialising in leadership and management, the Aikido Management® method is taught via conferences, training sessions, practical workshops and individual coaching, based around specific objectives.

Accessible to all and adapted to the needs of the audience, it combines theory and practice in a highly original way. In particular, it enables participants to: 

  • Develop poise and self-confidence, resulting in rapid-onset change;
  • Quickly re-centre themselves, and stay focused on their goal even under high pressure;
  • Take a meaningful breath and enhance their level of personal energy;
  • Boost their motivation, engagement level and leadership;
  • Become more efficient;
  • Change their perspective on conflict situations and manage them with greater fluency;
  • Lead internal and external negotiations with greater efficacy, etc.

Drawing upon the teachings of martial arts for better, more sustainable results

The teachings of martial arts have many practical applications in our daily lives, enabling individuals to jointly develop the various dimensions of their person: bodily, mental, emotional, interpersonal and spiritual.

From a behavioural point of view, martial arts develop aptitudes such as:

  • Centering, anchoring, and self-control
  • Presence and mindfulness
  • Availability
  • Inner calm, concentration, attention span
  • Sense of discipline
  • Coordination
  • Sense of anticipation
  • Aptitude for effort, self-betterment and endurance under pressure
  • Continuous adaptation to change, and agility
  • Sense of timing and spatial awareness.

All these are key qualities that can make a crucial difference in the everyday lives of people and organisations.

As a result, participants in the programme are better prepared to tackle challenges and rise above. They grow in confidence, assertiveness and influence. They learn how to make decisions and take appropriate action; to raise their performance level while remaining in tune with their personal balance and the balance of others.

Transformation through training

Transformation, whether of an individual or an organisation, occurs through training, practice and repetition. It is through training that we make gradual progress, through the acquisition of new automatic reflexes and habits (in our manner and ways of thinking, communicating, acting, etc.) This is why the concept of training lies at the heart of Aikido Management®, akin to the spirit of a traditional dojo. As such, targeted exercises inspired by the practice of Aikido have been perfected in order to boost personal balance and build, in a tangible sense, one’s qualities as a leader, a manager, a communicator or a negotiator.

Furthermore, this sort of training maintains what is known as the “beginner mind” (Shoshin), which enables us to continue learning without becoming closed off within our ego, and the uncertainties that come with it. A state of mind imbued with the humility that sets truly great leaders apart.

The programmes delivered by Eric Hubler enable a realignment of the individual, helping them to strengthen their overall balance but also to develop their performance level, flow and calmness in everyday situations, both in their personal and professional spheres.

Suited to a diverse range of audiences from all kinds of organisations, this original method thereby offers an apposite response to the new challenges of the 21st century. These are challenges that require an enormous capacity for adaptation from each of us, along with considerable inner strength, lucidity, a sense of responsibility and interpersonal skills. These are qualities that can be developed step by step when we follow the way of balance. And balance comes through training!

Change your perspective/mindset with the Aikido Management® method

The programmes on offer will help give you a fresh perspective on the way you manage your company, your team, your department or your project, as well as your manner of communicating, organising, negotiating, and managing clients and suppliers. In particular, you’ll come to understand that the best way to assert yourself in any of these situations is to do so in a way that is truly present, balanced and harmonious.

Also available as team-building events, these programmes help boost team spirit and cohesion. They provide an opportunity to see ourselves differently, to try out new methods of personal and professional development, and to think collectively on topics such as improving and strengthening the energy that flows within a group.