Unleash the true power of balance!

Eric Hubler: author, conference speaker and creator of the AIKIDO MANAGEMENT® method.

Conference speaker specialising in leadership and management

Eric Hubler is a professional conference speaker, delivering inspiring talks on leadership and management to help boost the well-being and performance levels of your managers and teams.

An exceptional experience inspired by the teachings of AIKIDO, showing participants how to reconcile balance and performance at every level.

The objectives and benefits of this approach are manifold: it restores confidence, balance, serenity and inner strength for managers and teams. It re-forges bonds and a sense of commitment within your company. It enhances leadership at every level. It develops the mindset required for change management and handling the unexpected. It provides a sense of meaning, infuses positive energy and mobilises individuals. It exposes audiences to new performance-boosting practices. It improves management of conflict situations and negotiations.

The conference talk format, which can be adapted to all audience types including major conventions, provides an ideal solution for individual and collective empowerment.

Author of several successful books

Eric Hubler is also the author and co-author of several books dealing with the themes of balance and leadership:

  • THE EQUILIBRIST, an initiation story co-authored with Philip Blanc, published in 2010 by Un Monde Différent and an international bestseller (translated in 6 languages)
  • LEADERS: Plongée au cœur du commandement et du management, (available in French language) co-authored with Hervé Luthringer and published in 2019.
  • LIGHT, published in 2019 (available in French language)

These are books to be read and re-read by all those seeking to move forward in their personal and spiritual journey, supplementing the guidance, talks, training courses and workshops offered by Eric Hubler.

Who is Eric Hubler?

Eric Hubler is an expert in Leadership and one of the leading international conference speakers on the topic of BALANCE. Often described as a “revelator”, he communicates with powerful energy, enthralling and exciting audiences and leaving them with an enduring sense of inspiration. Each of his talks provides a number of crucial lessons on the art of reconciling balance and performance in our personal and professional lives.

The Principles of Balance

Balance runs deep within our nature, and is the source of our inner value. It is the key than enables us to sustainably reconcile our own well-being with value creation and a harmonious relationship with our environment.

Going further


Workshops unlike anything of their kind, inspired by the teachings of Aikido in order to develop alignment, efficiency and flow, and teaching participants how to adapt calmly to a world that’s changing faster than ever.


As a coach and consultant, Eric Hubler helps executives (and influential individuals more generally) to explore and use the best that they have to offer their organisation as leaders.


To help you flourish in your personal and professional development, to learn to make the right choices for you, to find a new life balance, and to boost your confidence, peace of mind and efficiency.