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During our annual convention, Eric gave a talk that was shared via video conference so he could address the entire STABILO team. The content he delivered enabled each individual to take the time to breathe and gain a new perspective on a situation that was causing them stress, and was unlike anything we'd experienced before. Eric relates a philosophy and principles that are universally accessible, both on an individual and collective level. The clarity of Eric's discourse and his ability to listen resulted in a wealth of highly edifying discussions. The feedback from our teams has been hugely positive, and the in-person book signing was a very popular event.
Christophe Le Boulicaut
Managing Director for France, Stabilo International
I've had the opportunity to work with Eric on several occasions. Our experienced management team took his Aikido-inspired programme, which provided a wonderful opportunity for reflection and cohesion. Eric is a deep thinker with the ability to inspire when it comes to leadership. His books are also full of useful teachings.
Franck Houdebert
CGHRO Chief Group Human Resources Officer, Member of the Board of Directors at HAGER Group
Eric Hubler gave a talk on Leadership through Balance to an audience of chartered accountants during one of our summer conventions. His talk was very well-received, and he was able to pinpoint the psycho-social hazards (overworking, burn-out, stress, etc.) our profession exposes us to, and to offer tangible and pragmatic solutions to improve workplace well-being.
Etienne Henry
President of the Ordre des Experts-Comptables d’Alsace (Alsace Order of Chartered Accountants) (2012-2016)
Eric Hubler is part of the new generation of conference speakers who have this ability to find the perfect balance between authenticity, metaphorical imagery, understanding our business challenges and an infectiously enthusiastic style of communication. An event with Eric is like being at a TED talk.
Adrien Desboudard
Investor and Director Western Europe at the Happiness Index (formerly HR Director at GE Capital France and GE Money Bank France & Overseas Departments)
Eric embodies his own teachings, which he exudes through his ability to connect with all kinds of people. Always seeking to achieve balance, Eric's varied professional experiences provide an original set of tools enabling each individual to strive towards excellence.
Jean-Baptiste Hibon
President of Nouvelle Ère conventions
A highly original talk offering a wealth of insights, actively involving the participants and illustrated via practical examples within a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Eric's book, "The Equilibrist," further elucidates the key ideas showcased during the talk.
Isabelle Langenfeld
HR Director at Sharp Manufacturing France
Looking to rebuild your team's confidence, positive energy and motivation? Eric's events provide all of this, as my team of 50 staff can attest. After just 90 minutes, the impact was immediate and enduring. The original approach based around the values and teachings of aikido, along with the blend of principles and personal experience, the sincerity of his ideas, his ability to adapt to the audience and interact made the entire experience captivating and perfect for our needs. Being able to explore these ideas further through his book, "The Equilibrist," is an added bonus for staff. In short, Eric is one of the best speakers I've come across in a long, long time. Guaranteed value!
Isabelle Hubsch
Director of Product Marketing and Innovation at Intermarché
We partnered with Eric on the delivery of his leadership program for the first time in the Middle East. Apart from the creativity of his program, the professionalism of his approach & the uniqueness of his style, what struck us the most is his humanity, modesty & ethics. He's the best ambassador of his program as he perfectly mirrors its essence & principles. I highly recommend him to any company or person in quest for untraditional methodologies in developing leadership skills.
Nathalie G. Abou Jaoudé
Owner et General Manager at Purpleminds Events


In order to launch its Negotiations Division, our agency was looking for an original, structured and above all effective training course. The two-day course delivered by Eric Hubler in Martinique exceeded our every expectation. Presenting hard and soft skills as being consubstantial took our development project in an unexpected and practically-oriented direction. We cannot recommend Eric Hubler's approach highly enough, and we continue to draw upon it in order to ensure the successful transfer of expertise to the future generation of lawyers.
Dominique Nicolas
Legal expert specialising in Public Law and community affairs, negotiator and solutions provider
Solid balance and a powerful dynamic, coupled with flawless interpersonal skills in every situation...these are the qualities that sum Eric up. In combination with his diverse experience and his highly original approach to leadership, they make him an extremely effective trainer, speaker and coach!
Stéphane Piquand
Site Lead for the Merck Group
What a programme! A superb training course the entire team will always remember as a stand-out group event. It's more than a training course - perhaps an initiation would be the better word. You won't be the same after it! A really positive opportunity for interconnection between the group, and for putting ourselves under the microscope. It's an approach to management with a highly anchored perspective, with strong fundamental values. Thank you, Eric!
Olivier Bourassin
Plant General Manager at International Paper
I would say I've met Eric twice: firstly through his book, because reading The Equilibrist is like setting out on a voyage with yourself, both inspiring and simple, one that enables you to transform certain behaviours in order to access balance, and therefore also inner peace and happiness. Little by little you move along this knife edge to understand the power of balance and how useful it is in all areas of our lives; something that is even truer of the complex period we're going through at the moment, where all sense of balance has been thrown off. - During a day of "Aikido Management" training, where Eric drew a link between how Aikido is trained on the mats and the actual, everyday lives of managers and those they manage. This training course made a big impression on me, even as someone who's never set foot in a dojo, as it promotes greater appreciation and comprehension of everyday attitudes by testing and decoding the immediate impact of what really goes on during our interactions. How can you be both demanding and kind? Firm yet flexible? With Eric, these concepts are put to the test in a highly practical way. He's a true professional, both passionate and inspiring.
Lysiane Beaujard
Director of Skills Development at Danone
The Major Projects team at ETF had the pleasure of receiving Eric's guidance during a seminar on leadership through balance, using the principles of Aikido. Two fundamental aspects of inspiring leadership came to the fore: gentleness and leading by example. It's a challenging path, but one that helps us grow individually and collectively, in a way that works for the common good. Thank you Eric, and hats off to Aikido Management.
Olivier Jaboulay
VP Major Projects at ETF
I had the opportunity to try out Aikido management with Eric Hubler, and I can attest to how powerful this module is, blending the sporting techniques of Aikido and management techniques in order to better understand the interactions between teams. The parallels between the worlds of sport and business are clearly drawn, and allow us to see things from a new angle that encourages interconnection and discussions with an immediate positive impact on how your teams operate. An innovative approach to be explored without hesitation!
Olivier Lorans
VP Deckers China – Shanghai (UGG – Hoka – Teva)
As a fast-growing company we need to be able to take on significant challenges, which can only be tackled by an executive and management team that's fully centered on "mindful excellence." Knowing how to adopt the right energy, at the right time and at the right pace, in order to train our entire staff in the dynamics of positive and constructive change: this is the approach offered by Eric Hubler. It's more than just a training course: it's guidance for change. Thank you Eric for your commitment and professionalism!
Jean-Marc Baillet
Managing Director of Emfi, 3M Group
We came out feeling proud, refreshed and like we'd grown after this Aikido-inspired programme. Thank you once again.
Patrick Garcia
Managing Director of Actaris, Itron Group
I met Eric after a reading of his book "The Equilibrist." I asked him to deliver a training course in leadership and management for my team, followed by a talk at my company. Both experiences were highly valuable, passionately delivered and universally appreciated. His martial arts-based approach, his managerial experience, his positive and altruistic attitude are without a doubt the keys to the success of his talks. We're still in contact, and talking with him is always a real pleasure.
Marc Chiron
Global Sales, Marketing & Innovation Director – Packaging division at DS Smith
"One of the key attitudes for our business culture is agility. The parallels drawn with Aikido provide a fresh and interesting manner of highlighting this attitude, and then doing our best to embody it in our everyday professional lives. The training courses provided by Eric enabled us to combine the rational dimension with our physical and emotional dimensions. The feedback from Adidas staff on this training course has been highly positive, and we've revisited it on several occasions already."
Sandrine Scheer
HR Director, Adidas France
The Management through Balance programme, accompanied by insight into the philosophy of Aikido, exceeded my personal expectations and achieved the goal of strengthening the bond between our teams. I felt that everything each individual learned for themselves was a step towards a stronger, flourishing team.
Florence Peronnau
Vice-President Corporate Real Estate, SANOFI