Eric Hubler's story

Eric Hubler is an expert in Leadership and one of the leading international conference speakers on the topic of BALANCE. Often described as a “revelator”, he communicates with powerful energy, enthralling and exciting audiences and leaving them with an enduring sense of inspiration. Each of his talks provides a number of crucial lessons on the art of reconciling balance and performance in our personal and professional lives.

Creator of the AIKIDO MANAGEMENT® method, which today is followed by thousands of people around the world, he offers an innovative vision of balance and its multiple applications in the everyday lives of both people and organisations. He presents a pragmatic vision imbued with wisdom, inspired both by the teachings of Aikido (of which he is a practitioner), his time in corporate management and his personal and spiritual journey.

Over the past 20 years, numerous companies of all shapes and sizes, including Toyota Europe, Adidas, GE, Sanofi, 3M, Puma, Club Med, Securitas and EDF have called upon Eric Hubler’s services to galvanise decisive moments in their history, strengthen their corporate bonds and develop the power of leadership among their representatives. Above all, this involves training them to develop what Eric calls the “balance reflex.”

Eric Hubler’s first book, The Equilibrist was co-written with Philip Blanc, and originally published in 2010 by Un Monde Différent. First published in French and then translated into 5 languages, it has become an international bestseller receiving widespread praise from readers, who have found within its pages the keys to developing balance in their lives.

His other books, LEADERS – Plongée au cœur du Commandement et du Management (co-authored with Hervé Luthringer) and LIGHT have also been highly successful. Two new books are currently in the pipeline.

Eric also publishes widely read articles which constitute a freely accessible source of inspiration for those seeking to find inner well-being, develop their performance level and move forward in their personal, spiritual and professional journeys.

Today, Eric Hubler is considered one of the leading inspirational speakers for helping people become the best version of themselves, as proven by the wealth of feedback he regularly receives from clients and readers.

Career path

A graduate of the Strasbourg School of Management (EM Strasbourg), Eric Hubler started his career in the US as head of the Alsace Trade Office in Los Angeles. His mission was to support small and medium-sized businesses from the French region of Alsace who were seeking to develop their presence in the North American market.

This initial experience was followed by an extended stint in South America, where Eric led a life of adventure and explored seven different countries, including the one that would become his greatest love: Brazil.

He then returned to France and became European Export Manager for an industrial firm that was a global leader in its field, before joining the family business, Hubler SA, where he would be in charge of global development for 12 years. In 2004, the company was listed among France’s highest-performing small and medium enterprises, having posted exceptional results (featured in the “Les Clés de la Performance” rankings compiled by Le Figaro Entreprises). During this time he was influenced by the teachings and benefits of “Judo Strategy”, as postulated in the book of the same name by David B. Yoffie.

In 2005, he left the family business to set out on his own entrepreneurial adventure. He founded Altamira Développement and launched an innovative concept in Leadership training, the AIKIDO MANAGEMENT ® method, developed two years earlier and inspired by his dual experience in management and martial arts (Judo/Aikido).

To date, over 250 organisations around the world have called upon his services to train their executives and teams via this powerful method of transformation.