What do we mean by balance?

L'équilibre Conseil

Balance is a complex, multi-faceted concept.

When asked what it means for us, we usually bring it back to mechanical or scientific concepts, or to our own individual balance, because that is what, a priori, most directly concerns us. We make a link between balance and happiness, balance and personal fulfillment, balance and a healthy lifestyle, balance and the satisfaction of our needs and desires.

In this case, we mainly see the “feeling balanced” dimension of balance, thinking, for example, of all the efforts we still need to make to balance our professional life and our personal life.

More generally, balance can be defined as a “permanent balance between imbalances that are constantly expressed and rectified”. It is therefore an intrinsically dynamic notion, not static. By its very essence, balance is delicate, unstable, varying from one moment to the next.

We can see that maintaining individual, relational, economic and environmental balances, among others, is at the heart of all the issues facing the 21st century and we must admit that, for many of us, imbalances often win out, sometimes with catastrophic consequences.


The major crisis we have been going through in recent years is not just a financial, economic and social crisis. This unprecedented global crisis, which actually took shape over the last few decades, has not spared any generation and is first and foremost a crisis of trust and values whose origins lie in the loss of meaning, the loss of bearings in the face of new lifestyles and new ways of thinking.

Imbalances express themselves everywhere, causing suffering all around the world, from ecological catastrophes to political and financial scandals, not to mention economic upheavals with a multitude of social consequences or the increase in insecurity, egoism and ignorance. It seems like nobody, or almost nobody, is spared today.

Every day brings us a new batch of incredible revelations, contributing to cynicism at the expense of morality, which is in serious danger.

Faced with all these imbalances, it is up to each of us, on our own levels, to reverse this trend and to embody the balance that we aspire to, without waiting for change to come from others.

One thing is for sure: Man is, for the most part, responsible for the human and environmental imbalances facing us today and in order to attempt to rebalance that which he has thrown out of balance, consciously or not, he must first recognize and accept his responsibility for this.

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