« I bring to my customers the idea that their level of real performance is directly linked to their level of overall balance and I propose that they verify this in practice starting on the day after my interventions. Instead of constantly tightening the noose, let’s learn how to think “balance” and to reflect on the most intelligent way of using each energy in the best way, at the best place and at the best time. That’s what is called efficiency and it is one of the keys to success! »

The world is changing at breakneck speed and all of us are confronted with new challenges that we need to be able to meet at all times, individually and collectively.

As a leader, you look for ways to instill a new source of energy in your teams, how to help them manage their stress and their doubts to bring them out of a state of anxiety and, perhaps, chronic or underlying fatigue. Personally, you need to be able to look at things differently to be able to step back from the situations that you have to manage. Today, these challenges have become vital for your company, for yourself and for your teams.

Through Eric Hubler’s training based on experience and research, you will learn how to make courageous choices, to dare say things to your co-workers without putting yourself in a risky situation, and to move beyond your fears. You will regain confidence that will enable you to fully assert yourself as a leader and discover your proper leadership position. With more confidence, you will be able to breathe new, revitalizing life into your teams.

Furthermore, the training designed for your managers and their collaborators will provide them with the keys for:

  • Understanding how they can evolve in their professional mission (management or other);
  • Learning or re-learning how to base your life on truth, commitment and generosity;
  • Adhering to authenticity and sustainability.

Our common objectives:

  • Improving the situation at your company;
  • Developing the power of your leadership;
  • Improving your teams’ performance and cohesion;
  • Seeking individual and collective excellence.

Fields of expertise:

  • Leadership – Managerial excellence;
  • Team motivation and cohesion;
  • Negotiation and “Judo Strategy”;
  • Personal and professional excellence;
  • Life balance.

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