A graduate of the IECS (Strasbourg Business School), Eric Hubler was appointed Head of the Alsace Trade Office in Los Angeles, USA, in 1989. His mission was to promote the commercial development of Alsatian companies in North America. In 1991, he left for South America before accepting a new challenge in 1992 as the Europe Export Manager at the world’s leading wheelbarrow producer.

A first turning point came in 1994. Drawing on his strong values, including the family, Eric decided to take charge of commercial development at the family business, Hubler SA, specialized in decorative wooden and metal panels. In 2004 the company was ranked as one of the best-performing small and medium-sized companies in France (Le Figaro, “Les Clés de la Performance” classification).

A second turning point came in 2005. Taking advantage of his experience in developing industrial and commercial activities, Eric Hubler chose to “embark” on an entrepreneurial adventure, this time on his own. He founded Altamira Development and developed the Aikido Management® leadership training concept, inspired by the basic teachings of Aikido and Oriental philosophies. To date, he has trained over 7,000 directors and managers with this method, which is particularly well suited to the new economic and social challenges of the 21st century.

Today, his mission consists in training “leaders through balance®”, helping people with responsibilities to step back in order to better manage everyday life, bounce back from adversity or ramp up their efforts; sometimes they need to slow down in order to change perspectives and be successful over the long term.

His talks have a deep impact, helping high-level managers and their teams to adopt new behaviors to manage change in a positive manner. Gaining awareness of the fundamentals of balance leads them to discover or rediscover their inner wealth and their ability to take up challenges with ease and efficiency.

Eric has been, with Philippe Studer, the Coordinator for Alsace at the “Performance and Quality of Life at the Workplace” Association.

He is also ex-competitor in Judo, President of an Aikido Club and member of the Management Committee of the Alsace League of the French Federation of Aikido, Aikibudo and Affinity Groups (FFAAA).

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