Eric Hubler

International speaker, co-author of several books including the bestseller «The Equilibrist» which has been translated in several languages, Eric Hubler is a born adventurer, with a passion for jazz and south American literature.

At a very young age he was already interested in travel and in man and his potential. From Europe to the United States and South America, he passionately experienced the discovery of the great outdoors, of people and of their cultures. An explorer at heart, he especially loved challenges and self-transcendence, something he also experimented with in the Japanese martial arts, which he has practiced since childhood (judo/aikido). Constantly going outside his comfort zone, whether in athletic competitions or in exploring new geographical, human or professional horizons, little by little he made his way off the beaten path and discovered the basic rules of balance that lead to self-fulfillment and success.

Eric deeply loves people and you can feel that. By nature he is curious as to how human beings function and their inner wealth, and through his experiences he quickly realized the crucial role that emotions play in the exercise of management and, more generally, in individual and collective achievement. Leadership through balance is an art that he progressively developed starting from the idea that high standards and benevolence work particularly well together when they are properly understood. This process is at the heart of his theory of balance, which he has been teaching for the last 15 years (Aikido Management® Method).

He has learned precious lessons from his successful experiences in terms of managing a business and people, with one absolute certainty: that performance first and foremost requires the manager’s ability to free up energies and to harmoniously manage all the different balances at work, starting with his own.

Today, Eric holds conferences around the world during which he transmits a powerful energy, literally “connected” with his audience. He gives advice and provides support for high-level managers, teaches leadership and well-being through balance to managers, their teams and the general public. With his contagious optimism, his zest for life and his engaging sense of humor, he transmits his passion for excellence and the essential keys to a successful professional life and personal life. A new route toward performance!

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