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Often described as a «revealer», Eric Hubler communicates an innovative and inspiring vision of leadership and happiness in a changing and often confusing world.

An inspirational and genuine vision of leadership and happiness

Rooted in his own personal and professional experience, his conferences are full of energy, fluidity and contagious enthusiasm. They offer solid strategies to improve long-term performance and live in a more balanced way, as an individual and part of an organization or group.



“Leadership through balance: A new pathway to performance.”


“Happiness through balance: redefining success in life.”

Specialties: Leadership, management, performance, negotiation, agility, motivation and team cohesion, change management, conflict management, balance, happiness & wellbeing.

Area of excellence: Leadership and happiness: defining their core values, how they combine and how they work together for greater success.

Audiences & Formats: Eric presents to the full spectrum of commercial, corporate and social groups. He delivers high-profile keynote and public conferences through to smaller, workshop-style events. The objective is always the same: the understanding, delivery and development of balance for every person present.


A remarkable and very stimulating conference for all the professionals present!
A very original, informative and interactive conference, illustrated with concrete examples and held in an informal, friendly atmosphere. The book «The Equilibrist» reinforces the key ideas highlighted during the conference.
Isabelle LangenfeldHRD Sharp Manufacturing
Eric Hubler belongs to a new generation of speakers who know how to find the right balance between authenticity, metaphor, knowledge of the companies issues and contagious enthusiasm! Worthy of inclusion in any TED conference.
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