Balance: The winning reflex

A new key to effective performance and a model of excellence that has already inspired and improved the life and work of thousands of professionals internationally

From his background of being both an accomplished entrepreneur* and martial artist**, in 2005 Eric Hubler developed a new and highly effective business training model.

The principle of all-round balance lies at the core of this personal and professional excellence model; when individuals realign their balance, everyday situations are met and managed more coolly and efficiently. Outcomes are more sustainable, and results more enduring.

It is this primary focus on the individual, whatever type of organization or group they may be in, that enables Eric Hubler to address the particular challenges of the 21st century. The ability to adapt quickly, the need for inner strength, relational intelligence, commitment and generosity of spirit are qualities identified and developed on a step-by-step basis to enable the individual to achieve their own unique balance.

The components of balance itself – including our energy, ambition, confidence, strategy, positivity, empathy – are essential in enabling us to:

  • move through impasses by developing new strategies
  • unleash the power of leadership by identifying the leadership style required
  • mobilize, re-engage and lead teams by combining firmness, softness and agility
  • act and react calmly, decisively and flexibly in situations of pressure, transition or crisis
  • be a happy and fulfilled individual, in professional and personal roles alike.

Balance is the foundation to how we position ourselves in life. It is a real philosophy of how our personal and professional lives combine and is the key to our true inner wealth. In finding our balance, we redefine our success, building the many values and harmonies of our lives sustainably within our own world.


* The family business, in which he was responsible for business development for 12 years, was ranked in 2004 amongst the most successful SMEs in France (Le Figaro / «The keys of performance»)

** Judo / Aikido

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