Balance, the path to excellence

There is a wise saying that says, “He who stops trying to become better has already stopped being good.”

The question is when and how we become better, and based on what criteria. Increasing your results at the expense of balance, under various forms, is not becoming better – far from it.

The quest for success, whatever it is, should notably be full of respect from end to end of the chain: self-respect, respect for others, for the community, of for our natural and social environment and for all lifeforms.

Balance is not the easiest route, of course, but it is the best guarantee of happiness and success over the long term.

Excellence through balance is a “middle way” that is wary of extremes, lacks and excesses, and tries to foresee them in order to avoid them. Because all extreme situations, even if they appear attractive or easier at the time, will have to be counterbalanced at some point, and the price to pay is often very high. This price must not be ignored, notably because it involves more than just ourselves.



The approach proposed is full of common sense and is based on the personal fulfillment and commitment of men and women combined with respect for their global environment. It is based on the idea that the real added value in organizations lies first and foremost in the human aspect and in the implementation of balanced – and balancing – relationships at all levels, internally and externally.

Trust and motivation among collaborators are the foundations of their commitment and their performances. Everyone has to fight for the values that they believe in and fully subscribe to, values that are respectful our general balance. For this reason, all managers with a concern for performances should make this an absolute priority and dedicate all their efforts to the concrete, operational deployment of these values within and beyond their organizations. Every day and over time, this changes EVERYTHING!

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