The Equilibrist

“The Equilibrist” is the story of an encounter, perhaps by chance, between two men whose paths seemed unlikely to cross.

The younger man has been shattered by the sudden onset of personal problems. The other, a mysterious but very wise old man, holds the keys to the younger man’s unconscious quest.

By challenging the younger man’s beliefs, fears, behaviours and values, the old man teaches him the essence of balance and its virtues through a genuine code of behaviours: the Way of the Equilibrist!

Their intense exchanges result in an incredible inner transformation and a profound friendship.

Through this inspiring, universal and highly nuanced metaphor, you will discover that the Equilibrist is each of us as we cope with life’s balances and imbalances.

Act now! Take the outlook of the Equilibrist in every situation to transform any imbalance into balance, fill your life with joy and help make the world a better place!



« The Equilibrist is a guide. In a world that places ever increasing demands, this book invites us to pause, to question our practices, to step back, to reflect so as to become more efficient, to optimize our skills, and to set strategies for the future. Besides, The Equilibrist makes us aware of the different burdens, the “balls and chains” that we carry -e.g. routine, guilt, dissatisfaction...- and that prevent us from staying on the wire, thus being in balance. Each of us would identify with the traveler in search of balance to succeed in his personal and professional life. »
Soumaya SfeirLebanese international lawyer living in France, Professor of management
A few words on The Equilibrist: If you are so lucky to get your hands on it... get it. I picked it up and couldn't stop reading it. Simple, yet so powerful. Short chapters filled with impactful reminders and moments for reflection. We all have a lot to learn about balance and this book is such an amazing reminder of how to go about it. The book is now part of my "most favorite" list.
Eva MilkoSenior Director Global Procurement - Molson Coors
A new vision of management combining both common sense and pragmatism. Finding balance between work and life, between personal values / beliefs and organizational decisions, between short and long term… All are key concerns for everyone of us today. Essential reading, new and refreshing.
Samuel AvenelManaging Director Europe – Belron Specials

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