Advisor & Mentor

Your company is in transition, team motivation is down, results are poor… As the leader of your organization, you are going through hard times.

Now is the time for you to take care of yourself in order to better take care of others! Renew your energy, change outlooks, find renewed confidence in the future, regain self-assurance, and even the desire and courage to face to your responsibilities as a leader.

By helping you to free up your creativity, your powers of benevolence and persuasion, to gain newfound consistency, organization and real openness, Eric Hubler enables you to refocus, to give impact to your communication, to put things into perspective in order to make the right decisions, to give new visibility and hope. His strategic support will help you to make your own changes and to assert yourself naturally as a leader.

Eric Hubler’s expertise:
Helping influential people, as leaders, to discover and make use of the best of what they have to offer within their organization.

Your needs

  • Advice and individual coaching for managers;
  • Support for the Management Committee for strategic, operational and behavioral development within the organization;
  • Discussions on actions and their implementation in terms of company values (repositioning the company culture);
  • Individual support for change management or crisis management;
  • Mediation in case of intergenerational conflicts on the Management level (notably in family-run companies).

Personalized advice sessions

As an expert consultant providing support for CEOs and General Managers, Eric Hubler offers individual sessions with specialized advice to:

  • Provide you with possible answers to your questions, your doubts on subjects concerning how to run your organization, your role as a leader, behaviors at your company, your work organization and your balance as a person and as a manager;
  • Give you the energy and methodology needed to communicate with your employees or with outside audiences with confidence, to re-energize the troops, to create ties and cohesion, and to give new meaning;
  • Transmit the keys to enable you to reassert your leadership, clarify your vision for the company, instill a combative team spirit at the company, facilitate change management and decision-making, and manage open or underlying conflicts.

Eric Hubler’s role does not in any way consist in taking your place as a leader, his role is to be your outside advisor.

So he will never replace you when dealing with different stakeholders (managers, teams, third parties), although he can, at your request, sit in on meetings, for example, or come with you for support in specific situations.

Practical details

The advice sessions are held by telephone or Skype, by videoconferencing and, when necessary, in the form of face-to-face interviews.

Their duration varies depending on the subjects and the package used: fixed annual or monthly fee, or one-off requests.

Contact us for further details

Your measurable benefits

With Eric Hubler, you will get back your:

  • smile;
  • motivation;
  • energy to get things moving, positive vibes;
  • confidence in yourself, in the future (outlook) and the ability to have confidence in others;
  • ease in communicating effectively;
  • personal alignment;
  • desire to take care of yourself and those around you;
  • courage to meet any challenge that comes your way.


Our company is changing fast and the major challenges facing us can only be met with a management team that are fully focused on “Benevolent excellence”. The approach that Eric Hubler proposes teaches you how to use the right energy at the right time and at the right pace in order to bring along all your employees in a positive, constructive dynamic for change. More than a training course, it is a real support for change management. Thank you, Eric, for your commitment and your professionalism!
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