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Having a positive effect, making a strong, beneficial impact on your environment – that is the power that influential people have when they base their leadership on balance. The greatest leaders, in all fields, are unquestionably Leadership through Balance®!

The 21st century, with its wealth of new challenges of all kinds, holds promise for the development of a new generation of ethical, responsible, committed leaders. Leaders capable of political, economic, social and environmental innovation, of developing human beings’ creative potential and of reconnecting their organizations and their teams with the meaning behind their actions. Above all, they know that their trust and their exemplarity comprise the best guarantees of achieving the highest summits – together. A certain idea of excellence!


At a time when we hear more and more talking […]

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“A leader excels when people hardly know he exists. When […]

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This Management through Balance program, based on Aikido philosophy, exceeded my expectations for myself and achieved the objective of strengthening ties within our team. I feel that what everyone was able to learn for themselves will be a step forward toward a stronger, more outward-looking team.
Florence PeronnauVice-President, Corporate Real Estate - SANOFI Group
Our company is changing fast and the major challenges facing us can only be met with a management team that are fully focused on “Benevolent excellence”. The approach that Eric Hubler proposes teaches you how to use the right energy at the right time and at the right pace in order to bring along all your employees in a positive, constructive dynamic for change. More than a training course, it is a real support for change management. Thank you, Eric, for your commitment and your professionalism!
Jean-Marc BailletDG - Société EMFI, groupe 3M
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